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  • Children’s book author Paralyzed By Vaccine

    Thousands of children are being stricken down by one of the most punishing, disabling diseases ever known. Victims are paralyzed. Their lungs are weakened and breathing is impossible without help. Parents watched as their healthy, loving and playful children were locked up in an “iron lung”. Many spent the rest of their lives in those […]

    Child Book Author Given 3 Days to Live

    “Children’s Book Author Given 3 Days To Live From Micro Critter Bite” “I live, Friend Dies”           FREE WAY TO SAVE AN INFECTION           “Nearly everyone including my young readers are at risk.” CDC SAYS 300,000 cases a year. Lyme is only one ailment that causes illness and/or death. There are at least four primary […]

    Tick Warning

    CHILDREN’S DEVISTATING  DISEASE  WARNINGS  from author Floyd P Knipe Spring  brings in the most beautiful and abundant time of the year.  Our area has hundreds of calves being born. We have baby deer, raccoons, squirrels and birds in our yard. Beautiful flowers bloom. Trees bud out making ready for leaves. Spring can also wake up […]

    Always Catch Fish

    Author’s favorite pastimes /hobbies/interests           You could say I have as funny a background as many other folks. Born in Texas to ranch raised Navel officer dad and country gal mom parents. I grew up on a Dairy, poultry, pig, horse and cattle farm in Arkansas. Recovered from polio. Recovered from severe tick fever with […]