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Trackers Lead-in

(NOTE: HS and Teachers. All stories have fun word match and research quiz at end.)

If you are tuff to the bone, love your dog but could trade his life to a hungry alligator for a four year old lost child’s life, you might become a TRACKER. OH! And you may have to take a rattlesnake bite… or two……maybe a gunshot and a bear attack.

Each “Tracker” series book, along with it’s main rescue, has several stories based on exciting, adventure packed searchers in which the handler and faithful search dog depend upon each other for survival during the quest for their charge…….Watch for the yeti.

In appreciation to the;
Police officers, firemen, soldiers and coast guard rescue divers that dedicate their lives to protecting and saving us from bad people, severe weather and accidents that threaten our lives. Mountain rescue teams and all EMT ‘s deserve our salute as well.
AND THANK YOU to the brave souls that gave the ultimate, their life, in their attempt to save one of us in need.

TRACKER, SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAMS can consist only of a search and rescue trainer/handler and his search dog of choice, bloodhounds many times because they smell a million times more than we do. These partners in their chosen work follow lost, injured or abducted children and others into deep forests, swamps, unbearable weather and terrain to do battle with alligators, rattlesnakes, grizzly bears, mountain lions, wild boars, wolves and other wild animals to bring their victims home…….hopefully hungry but unscaved.

NOTE: I am a former educator. My stories have Matching Word and Fun To Research projects after the ending.

“If not my books, please read someone’s books to your children.”
– Floyd P. Knipe (author)